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Street Address: 102 Alpine Avenue, AULT, CO. 80610

Mailing Address: PO BOX 327, AULT, CO 80610 US

Telephone: 1-970-834-1326

FAX: 1-970-834-1331

EMAIL: hececault@gmail.com 


HIGHLAND EARLY CHILDHOOD EDUCATION CENTER was started  in 1983 by a group of concerned community members that recognized the need for a local facility to provide quality care for children. As the center grew and flourished, it became necessary to build our own facility; we have been at the same location since its completion in 1996.

We are a non-profit childcare center located in Northern Colorado in the town of Ault and serve as the community's leading provider of child care and early childhood education.

Our school focuses on creating a friendly environment and providing quality teaching and learning. With seven classrooms, the school can accomodate 110 students.

At Highland Early Childhood Education Center we welcome children from 6 weeks to 12 years of age. We are proud of our staff and facility and take pride in knowing that we are a critical part of the development of our community.

We partner with RE9 school district but we are not part of the school district; we are a private non-profit


We Believe

Parents are the most significant indivuals in a child's liife. All children develop best within a supportive, caring and nurturing family. A partnership between parents and teachers creates mutual respect enhancing the child's learning experiences.

Each child is a unique individual, developing at his/her own rate and in his/her own style.

Play is a child's work. A culturally diverse and developmentally appropriate curiculum creates an environment where a child can learn through child-centered and experiential activities. A child allowed to grow in this environment will develop good social skills and an inquisitive mind.

Dedicated teachers are the strength of our program. Teachers are supported with training, resources and opportunities to share ideas and grow professionally. Staff development creates positive role models and mentors who provide a nurturing, helathy and loving environment for each child.